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Meet Bangladesh

Welcome to Meet Bangladesh. This is the main navigational page for all the resources that we have concerning the people, culture, government, economy and history of Bangladesh. We are continuing to add more information to our collection. With your patience and suggestion we can make it a very rich website. So please send us your feedback. If you can not find something or you know exactly what you are looking for then please use our search engine here.

Current local time in Bangladesh is now

Bangladesh 101:

Bangladesh Facts and Figures
(including Flag, Map & Anthem)

Historical Setting
 Early History, 1000 B.C.-A.D. 1202
 Islamization Of Bengal, 1202-1757
 European Colonization, 1757-1857
       Early Settlements

 The British Raj
 The Uprising Of 1857
       A Great Divide In South Asian History

 Reappraisal Of British Policy
 The Nationalist Movement, 1857-1947
 The Division Of Bengal, 1905-12
 Development Of The Muslim League, 1906-20
 Two Nations Concept, 1930-47
 Pakistan Period, 1947-71
       Transition To Nationhood, 1947-58

 The "Revolution" Of Ayub Khan, 1958-66
 Civil War Erupts in Pakistan
 Emerging Discontent, 1966-70
 The War For Bangladeshi Independence, 1971
 Birth Of Bangladesh
       Early Independence Period, 1971-72

 Fall Of The Bangabandhu, 1972-75
 Restoration Of Military Rule, 1975-77
 The Zia Regime And Its Aftermath, 1977-82

The Society And Its Environment
       The Land

 River Systems
 Bay of Bengal
       Population Structure And Settlement Patterns

 Population Control
 Ethnicity And Linguistic Diversity
 Social System
       Transition To A New Social Order

 Customs of Bangladesh
 Rural Society
 Urban Society
 Family, Household, And Kinship
 Women's Role In Society
 Social Classes And Stratification
       Religion And Society

       Tenets Of Islam

 Early Developments In Islam
 Islam In Bangladesh
       The British Legacy

 Education System
 Religious Education
 Role Of English And Arabic In Education
 Education Planning And Policy
 Disease And Disease Control
 Health Care Facilities
 Medical Education And Training
 Medicinal Drugs And Drug Policy

The Economy
 Historical Perspective
 Economic Reconstruction After Independence
 Managing The Economy
       Economic Policy And Planning

 Government Budget Process
       Revenue Budget

 Development Budget
 Joint Ventures And Foreign Investment
 Bilateral Investment
 Money And Banking
       Currency Fluctuation

 The Banking System
 Foreign Assistance
       Test Case For Development

 Aid Dependence
       International Banks

 United Nations
 Foreign Governments And Private Donors
       Structure Of Agricultural Production

 Food Crops

 Other Food Crops
 Industrial Crops

 Forestry Products
       Traditional Sectors

 Ready-Made Garments
 Other Industries
 Mineral Development
       Natural Gas


 Electric Power
 Technological Advances

Government And Politics
 Structure Of Government

 Council Of Ministers
 Civil Service
 Local Administration
 The Ershad Period
       Achieving Stability, 1982-83

 Emerging Opposition, 1983-86
 Relaxation Of Martial Law, 1986-87
 More Opposition Pressure
 Political Dynamics
       Local Elites

 The National Party
 Party Politics
 Awami League
 Bangladesh National Party
 Leftist Parties
 Islamic Parties
 Workers And Students
 Women In Politics
 The Media
 Foreign Policy
 South And Southeast Asia

 China And Other Asian Nations
 The Islamic World
 The Superpowers
       Soviet Union

 United States
 Western Europe, Canada, Australia, And New Zealand
 International Organizations


Major Cities:

Biography :
 Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani
 Abdur Rahman Boyati
 Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
 Begum Sufia Kamal
 Jahanara Imam
 Jibanananda Das
 Kazi Nazrul Islam
 Madhusudan Dutt
M A G Osmani
 Nirmalendu Goon
 Novera Ahmed
 Rabindranath Tagore
 Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain
 Shahabuddin Ahmed
 Shamsur Rahman
 Sukumar Roy
 Zainul Abedin

Leaders from past and present :
 Sheik Mujibur Rahman
 Ziaur Rahman
 Hossain Mohammad Ershad
 Begum Khaleda Zia
 Shahabuddin Ahmed
 Sheikh Hasina

Pictures :
 Architecture & Landmark
 Art & Sculpture
 Birds, flowers & Food
 Famous People
 Genocide of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Liberation War Museum's e-book:
Documents on Crimes against Humanity Committed by Pakistan Army and their agents in Bangladesh during 1971

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