Liberation War Museum
Documents on Crimes against Humanity Committed by Pakistan Army and their agents in Bangladesh during 1971
I. Members of the Central Peace Committee
1. Khwaja Khairuddin Leader of the Pakistan Muslim League.
2. A. G. M. Shafiqul Islam Advocate, Lahore High Court. Has business in Bangladesh.
3. Gholam Azam Residing illegally in Bangladesh; Ameer of the Jamaat?e?Islami.
4. Moulana Syed Mohammad Leading member of the Central Majlis of the Bangladesh Ittehadul Ummah.
5. Mahmud Ali State Minister for Social Welfare, Government of Pakistan.
6. M. A. K. Rafiqul Islam No information.
7. Abdul Jabbar Khaddar Died of natural causes after liberation.
8. Yusuf Ali Chowdhury
(Mohan Miah)
Died of natural causes during the Liberation War.
9. Abut Kashem Died of natural causes after liberation.
10. Ghulam Sarwar Leader of the Jamaati organization in London, the Dawatul Islam: Director
of the London-based Islamic Institute.
11. Syed Azizul Huq
(Nanna Miah)
Leader of the Jatiyo Party, and member of Parliament.
12. A. S. M. Solaiman Chairman, Bangladesh Krishak Sramik Party.
13. Pir Mohsenuddin
(Dudu Miah)
Vice-Chairman, Bangladesh Democratic League
14. Sharq Rahman Chairman, Islamic Democratic League
15. Major (Rtd) Afsaruddin Convenor, Bangladesh Ganatantra Bastabayan Parishad; Chairman,
National Democratic Party; former presidential candidate.
16. Syed Mohsin Ali Industrialist; former Chairman Stock Exchange; former Director,
I. F. I. C. Bank.
17. Fazlul Huq Chowdhury Died of natural causes after liberation.
18. Mohd. Sirajuddin Industrialist; Chairman of the Dhaka City Muslim League.
19. Advocate A. T. Sadi Retired advocate of the Bangladesh Supreme Court.
20. Advocate Ataul Huq Khan Vice?Chairman, Bangladesh Muslim League.
21. Maqbulur Rahman Industrialist.
22. Al-Hajj Mohammad Aqil Acting Chairman, Bangladesh Nezam-e-Islami.
23. Principal Ruhul Quddus Member of the Central Working Committee, Jamaat-e-Islami.
24. Nuruzzaman Industrialist; Director Islamic Development Bank.
25. Moulana Miah Mafizul Huq Member, Central Majlis, Bangladesh Ittehadul Ummah.
26. Advocate Abu Salek Senior Advocate, Bangladesh Supreme Court.
27. Advocate Abdun Naim Died of natural causes after liberation.
28. Moulana Siddique Ahmed Member, Central Majlis, Bangladesh Ittehadul Ummah.
29. Abdul Matin Secretary-General,Bangladesh Muslim League.
30. Banister Akhtaruddin Ahmed Resident in Saudi Arabia; Adviser Saudia International Law
31. Toaha Bin Habib Industrialist; member Central Majlis-e-Shuca,
Bangladesh Khelafat Andolan.
32. Hakim Irtezaur Rahman
Died of natural causes after liberation.
33. Raja Tridev Roy Doing business at Karachi.
34. Faiz Bakhsh Chairman, Bangladesh Muslim League
II. Leaders of the Central Peace and WelfareCouncil
1. Moulana Farid Ahmed Disappeared immediately after liberation.
2. Nuruzzaman Former Director Imam Training Course, Islamic Foundation.
3. Moulana Abdul Mahnan Former Minister for Religious Affairs.
4. Julmat Ali Khan Vice-Chairman, B. N. P.
5. A. K. M. Mujibul Huq Industrialist.
6. Firoz Ahmed No information.
III. Members of the Malek Cabinet
1. Abul Kashem Died of natural causes after liberation.
2. Nawazish Ahmed Chairman, Bangladesh Muslim League.

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